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Problems with Triton Lite theme?

  1. I've been fiddling around with themes for my blog lately, trying to find something that would display a sort of 'portfolio' on the homepage of my blog.
    Autofocus refused to do anything that its about page said it would do, and now Triton Lite is doing the same.

    Other people's blogs plus the demo blog all show a home page with multiple images that you click through to see the full post. I activate it on my blog, and it only displays ONE post. You have to click a next button to see each post.

    I've set featured images (using the "Set Featured Image" on the New Post page), and even they won't show up.

    Is nothing working because I'm using a free site with free themes, or is there just something really wrong?

    Help would be muchly appreciated :)

    Thank you,


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm using the free wordpress also and have already tested this theme without this issue... Try to go to Settings>>Reading and change the number of posts per page...

  3. @danielkons1 Thank you very much. Next time I'm having trouble I'll get some real sleep first, lol.

    Also, unrelated note, really liking your blog design :) How did you do the background? With it lapping over, I mean.

  4. Glad to help and thanks for the complement :]
    I drew the bg in Photoshop to fit the theme and mask the blog title... I don't know if that's what you wanted to know hehe

  5. Where did you find the exact dimensions? Haha I'm thinking of stealing your idea :P

  6. What a honest thief! hehehe
    Take a print screen of you blog and draw on a layer over it ;]

  7. Haha, I try to be ;)

    And doh. That should have been so obvious *facepalm*. Thank ye kindly, I'm off to steal your idea... ;)

  8. Be my guest ;]

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