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    Hey guys, I got a problem that my Twitter Sharing Button isn’t working as I want. In the past, I had the username @bengalow on Twitter. A while ago, I changed it to @grumbeerstambes, but in my WordPress blog, the old name still appears if users want to share my articles (e.g. “We don’t like mondays! F├╝nfjahresauswertung (2008-2013): via @bengalow“). What do I have to do that the new one appears? I already re-add the Twitter-connection at Settings=>Sharing in the Dashboard and at, but nothing helped. How do I solve this problem?

    Thanks alot!

    The blog I need help with is


    It appears that your issue has been resolved.
    We don't like mondays! via @grumbeerstambes


    Yeah.. seems that WordPress/Twitter just needs a little bit time to update this :/

    Thanks for the info! :-)

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