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problems with viewing blog in internet explorer

  1. I use all three - IE8, FF12 and Chrome. But I prefer to compose and edit posts in IE8 because in FF12, some functions of the RT editor are glitchy. I find it hard to get a double space between paras to "stick" in FF; pasted in links won't go active in FF on my laptop running XP Home with SP2 unless coded for in html mode.

  2. freeprocurement

    @meagenda - I also disabled infinite scrolling and, like you, my right-hand widgets are still showing at the bottom-left. So no, I don't think you're missing anything...this is definitely a bug in WordPress when using Garland.

  3. kristianvoldheim

    I had a similar problem with the NISHITA theme as mentioned above. I did'nt do any changes to my blog, but the problem was suddenly solved. I personally think there was a bug in the theme I use, and someone fixed it. Maybe that's the case with the Garland theme also.

    Hopefully, any problem with the Garland theme will be solved soon also!

  4. I'm using a Custom Design custom font for the site title and the site title isn't always loading in IE8, unless one reloads the page, in addition to this widget display issue.

  5. Same problem here with Garland and IE8 and 9, everything is messed up and no right colum, all is now on the left side and the bar over the blog with shortcuts is just a mess. I have to go in to wordpress main site even to go to my dashboard.

  6. I've just tried to submit a Support ticket but Support appears to be closed until Monday July 23rd - that's 9 days.

    "Support is closed at the moment whilst your friendly team of Happiness Engineers congregate to improve the support experience. We will reopen on Monday morning, July 23rd."

    As this has been an issue since at least Thursday/Friday for Garland users and for at least some users of at least one other template, I imagine Support is already aware.

    fisk3, yes, in IE8 the black admin access bar at the top of the site is screwed up too, as well as the right side widget column but I can still get into my management pages via the Meta link (though it is now right down the bottom of the left side widget column).

    If you don't have the Meta Admin link as a widget, I suggest adding Meta to either the left or right side widget column (though it will display on the left due to this problem) and then at least you can access your admin pages.

    Alternatively, it doesn't take long to download Chrome, if you don't like Firefox, and you can keep both browsers open at once; then dump Chrome when the issue has been fixed.

    And I do hope it can be fixed, because as I've said above, I prefer to compose/edit in IE8 because the RT editor has some glitches with Firefox.

  7. Thanks for reply meagenda.
    Closed? How can they just close support for many days? That seems hopeless to me and won't improve the support experience.

    Most of my readers use IE and because of the complexity of my blog it is more or less hopeless for me to write more posts as it is now. And I don't want to go away from Garland if they can fix the problems. Of course I can use Firefox or Chrome, but I can't ask my readers to do the same just for reading my blog.

    I have tried with 4 pc's with IE, but it's the same mess on all 4. I'll hope they can fix it when they come back. But after many years with blogging I'm tired of bad stability.

  8. I don't believe what I'm reading here...
    So the next best thing todo is add data to my left column to tell my readers to download Chrome or FF if they want to keep on reading the Blog.
    And hopefully after the 23th somebody will pick this up, which they should have done earlier, unbelievable...

  9. As some people here are most likely only following this thread here's what I did in a meantime...
    Used the beginning of my left column first to apologize, and hinted my viewers to start using FF and/or Chrome.
    Just my 2 cents...

  10. I notice that among the difficulties some of you mention is the sidebar moving to the bottom of the page. As part of your troubleshooting on that one issue, check out this link ... This site is done by one of the volunteers on these forums and is filled with many resources. For some of you posting on this thread, it might solve your problem.

  11. This got to be an issue that has it's adress to wordpress it self, and is not a usermade problem. In my case it happened suddenly and several days after my last post. And it looks like it has rammed 3 columns themes like Garland and in the same way in all cases.

  12. freeprocurement

    I don't believe this. How can they close their support office while simultaneously introducing changes to the platform? I've been in the software business for 20 years and that kind of thing just doesn't happen. @timethief, you seem to be in the know...can you confirm whether or not WP Support has been made aware of these problems with the Garland theme and whether or not they’re working on it. If not, perhaps someone can recommend an alternate theme that we can switch to (one that supports the same features as Garland) so that I don’t lose A TON OF CUSTOMERS AND MONEY in the interim?

  13. Yes, we are aware of the problems. We'll have a fix as soon as possible.

  14. This is all fixed up now, sorry for the trouble!

  15. Thanks, macmanx, I just noticed that all seems fixed, for Garland theme, at least.

    I'm pleased this has been fixed and that we have not had to wait until Support is open again on July 23rd - I have not been able to raise a support ticket because of the closure.

    What I don't understand is why, if this feature is being implemented on a theme by theme basis, it was not tested on IE8 and IE9 and these multiple issues that Garland and some other theme users have been experiencing since last Thursday/Friday sorted before "infinite scrolling" was rolled out for Garland?

    Some of us post time sensitive information that requires prompt action from our readers; to have blogs so badly broken at such times could create significant communication problems for us.

  16. freeprocurement

    Thanks @macmanx. I tested all areas of my blog that were broken and they all seem fine now :)

  17. You're welcome!

  18. GREAT, it looks fine again!
    Are you also aware of the fact the RSSfeeds are faulty?
    This started at about the same time as this problem.
    Could somebody please have look, I already (as other I saw) it here:
    Thanks again,

  19. RSS fixed too, this1 can be set to solved I guess...?

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