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Problems with Word Press: Posts "disappear" from viewing

  1. arabwritersgroup

    Posts on Word Press often disappear from the viewing screen. I can post an entry, and then display the listings and all the listings show up ... and then for no reason, one or two will disappear and leave space on the screen where the post moments ago once were ...

    And ... the editor doesn't maintain the formatting, merging lines and paragraphs ...

    There seem to be no options to control these problems

    Ray Hanania
    Arab Writers Group

  2. Is this your blog ?

    What browser, browser version, and operating system are you using?

  3. I have been having strange troubles like this with Firefox2 (wish I'd never "upgraded") running on Windows 98.

  4. arabwritersgroup

    I use Firefox and also IE-7 ... I hope you don;'t tell me I have to change my browsers or that people using different browsers (are there really any) will keep seeing posts mysteriously vanish literally, even after they appear on a page :) ... please, noooo! :)

    Thanks so much for helping me figure this out

    Ray Hanania

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