Problems with Word Press: Posts “disappear” from viewing

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    Posts on Word Press often disappear from the viewing screen. I can post an entry, and then display the listings and all the listings show up … and then for no reason, one or two will disappear and leave space on the screen where the post moments ago once were …

    And … the editor doesn’t maintain the formatting, merging lines and paragraphs …

    There seem to be no options to control these problems

    Ray Hanania
    Arab Writers Group


    Is this your blog ?

    What browser, browser version, and operating system are you using?



    I have been having strange troubles like this with Firefox2 (wish I’d never “upgraded”) running on Windows 98.


    I use Firefox and also IE-7 … I hope you don;’t tell me I have to change my browsers or that people using different browsers (are there really any) will keep seeing posts mysteriously vanish literally, even after they appear on a page :) … please, noooo! :)

    Thanks so much for helping me figure this out

    Ray Hanania

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