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    Good morning,

    I’m from Spain and I have had blogs in wordpress for the last years. I’ve rarely had problems with wordpress but these days I’m suffering lots os them with my blog: I can’t upload files, I can’t edit my posts easily… Is the system in troubles those days? Is it a problem with my version? I’m worried because I use the blog for my job :(

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    What browser and browser version are you using?

    Log out of wordpress, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your browser and then try again.

    Also, can you try a different browser to see if the issues are browser specific?


    Same problems. Win 7 64bit and chrome.

    Slideshow doesn’t work either.

    I’ll try that cache thing…



    Are you using http:// or https:// see
    Have you tried changing from one to the other?

    Is your browser version up to date? You can upgrade any browser version here.


    Also if you can, try using a different browser to see if it is browser related.


    Theme: Modularity Lite

    It doesn’t allow to load media to a new post. It does nothing when I click da button.
    Right clicking to open in a new page, lets download, but doesn’t attach it to the post.

    Copy pict -> paste, only the icon.

    And the slideshow shows all the picts in a row.

    Yeah, did that https thing, doesn’t work. Also emptyed cache etc. and restart.
    No effect.



    You said “chrome” above. Is it possible that your are running a BETA version of Chrome rather than the latest stable version?


    15.0.874.121 m

    ….is that beta?


    Yep. Changed to Firefox and no problems.

    It was that Chrome that f-ked up my blog…



    I’m so glad to hear you found the cause of your problem. It’s great to hear that your up and running again. :)

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