Problems with wordpress software, comments and writing posts!!

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    Hi it has been quite some time now, a few months, I think since the software changed over, that I have constant problems with the following.

    1. I cant make posts at all by clicking on New Post at the top, I am unable to write this post from there (since software change). So I have to go into the dashboard, posts and add new post.

    2. The other problem that I constantly have is that comments are missed they don’t come up as orange new message. When I read a comment (and many people write long ones) the screen doesn’t go to the bottom where there is approve button. So I have to go into dashboard again, and go to comments, and go through one by one.

    Today I wanted to put on a video from you tube. Again I couldn’t write new post from the top box, that never works anymore, not at all. So I went into the dashboard and went to write a new post from there. However, it just remained ‘stuck’ and videos couldn’t be uploaded.

    These problems are not just on dating a sociopath, the same problem is with all of my wordpress blogs, since the software changed months ago.

    I don’t like to complain, but it is getting worse. And is making it really difficult to manage my account. Is this a software glitch, is there something that can be done? Are you aware of the problem, is anybody working on it?

    I had assumed, that it was just a glitch with new software change – (which I think was the summer) but months later I still cant write a new post.

    It isn’t my computer either, as I cant do it from any machine. I am currently using a different laptop, same problem. Click on write new post, nothing happens, its just dead.

    Please help!! This is becoming REALLY frustrating!!

    Thank you!!

    The blog I need help with is



    I am sorry if that doesn’t make sense. Just a breakdown

    – I cant write a new post from the box at top of screen
    – I cant authorise comments
    – I cant install videos from youtube



    When I say i cant authorise comments, … I eventually can. I have to press it a LOT of times. LONG comments – as i get a lot of, on my site, are a real problem. I am unable to authorise them on home screen, as the button doesn’t come up on the screen, I have to go back into dash board to authorise the comments.

    Please help. I am so frustrated. Writing the posts in the dashboard is not ideal, as I seem to have lost a lot of features. What can I do to change this?

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