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    I’m trying to produce a list of all posts with a particular tag. I seem to recall someone showing an example of how to do this using an RSS widget. I tried this, just to see, but it doesn’t work. Besides, that widget won’t show more than 20 posts. Ideally, I’d like to send the complete list to a page as a kind of “table of contents.”

    The blog I need help with is



    The link format you are looking for is this

    If there’s spaces in the tag word then the link format is this



    Also the amount of posts that will show are based on the amount you have set to display on your home page. So for e.g. if you have it set up to display 3 posts on the home page then 3 posts will show per page for posts for any tag you link to as well on your blog.



    Thanks, t3ck.

    The widget only allows for 20 posts, so does that mean that I’ll only get 20 even if the home page is set to show more?

    Also, is there a way to redirect the output onto a page? That way, I can replace my tag cloud with a set of links instead.


    You’ve got me confused: do you want a static page with a list of post titles, or a list of tags in the sidebar that will look like the categories list?



    Until I’ve got an idea of what’s possible, I’m not sure what to aim for. Right now I’m just looking for ways to generate lists of posts.

    Since my post are currently divided into “volumes” using tags, I thought I’d start with a “table of contents” for each volume. Ultimately, I want a “Table Of Contents” page with a complete listing of every post sorted by “volume.”


    There are some themes that have “archive” page templates. See this blog post, , but there are differences i how the archives are presented, and none of them by tag. Some will list by category as well as date. Some also limit the number of posts it will show.

    You are most likely going to have to do this manually. You can see a sample by clicking on “all posts” in the top navigation at .


    For another example of a hand-generated table of contents, check out the Page by that name at my place. It’s a bit of work to set it up, and I wouldn’t attempt to create it if I already have a load of posts, but if you start it early enough, say with just a few dozen posts that require links, the effort is tolerable. Then it’s just a matter of updating it by adding another link for each new post.



    The reverse chronological way that “all posts” page is listed hints at some sort of auto-generation. Is this so? I particularly like the fact that the posts are dated.

    I am willing to do this manually, since I’d only have to add to the list(s) when I post a new article. But whatever automation is available might help. And a way to invoke my browser’s “previous page” function would certainly be helpful.


    Here’s one way to have a list of all your posts:

    Another way: open two windows in your browser, drag & drop post titles from blog to visual page editor (hitting return after dropping each one).



    Thanks guys. Let the spearmentin’ begin!

    BTE, how about invoking the browsers “previous page” function? I’d hate for a reader to have to start over to select another article.

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