Proeblems with Delete Post in OmniWeb

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    While I realize that no one has ever mentioned support for OmniWeb out there in WordPress-land, this point bears analysis: Why wouldn’t the “deleteSomething()” javascript function work properly?

    I use OmniWeb for my primary personal browser on Mac OS X and as a development tool for work as a professional web-developer. In my experience and opinion, it is one of the most universally standards-compliant web browsers I have seen, so what’s the hitch? Does it have to do with the fancy-pants fade-out effect that WordPress performs? Is there an object or method that OmniWeb lacks that is referenced? Is it just a matter of discrimination via browser selection? If so, do Opera-users suffer similarly? Is there a support topic or FAQ entry somewhere that addresses the various campat issues by browser? How does Teflon stick to pans if nothing sticks to Teflon?

    To shed as much light as possible, I pulled up both Safari and Firefox (Mac) to compare results. In the two mainstream browsers, the delete feature works as expected, complete with nifty fade-out effect. In OmniWeb, after clicking “OK” in the confirmation box, “Data Sent…” is displayed on the page, but nothing further occurs…

    Thinking that the problem was tied to browser selection (for shame, for shame), I employed OmniWeb’s handy-dandy “Site Properties” feature to make it report itself as something else: first Safari Mac, then Mozilla Mac, IE Mac (ick), and even the Windows versions. No dice. So, unless the browser-type is stored in session data on the PHP side (highly irregular), knock that one off the list.

    So, one of you experty-types, what is OmniWeb not doing that everyone else is…? I’ll send the same information to OmniGroup, of course, to see if their experty-types can help out, as well… Thanks in advance!

    David –

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