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Profanity is censored in blog comments?

  1. Is there any way to allow profanity in blog comments? People who comment on my blog get [censored] whenever they use language.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. does not censor profanity in comments.

  3. The blog linked to your username is not as blog. We only provide support on this forum to those who are posting about their free hosted blogs. We cannot help you.

    The correct forum for those who have hired a web host and downloaded free software from for self hosting is here >

  4. tt, faeverily does have a blog.

  5. I do have a blog...

  6. Oh, wait, never mind. Thanks anyway.

  7. If you are referring to the blog linked to your username it's not a blog. Server hostname:
    Also note that blog the blog linked to your username is "broken"

  8. faeverily, can you show us an example of a censored comment please?

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