What is the difference between my Gravatar profile & the About page on my blog?

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    I just managed to get my first post up today, but I’ve looked through your answers and I’m still confused about a couple of things.

    My blog is an adjunct to a small business I run. My ‘about’ page is pretty vital, because I really need people to know where I’m coming from and what makes my business juicy. When I first started, I was asked to write a profile, which i did, and then to upload a gravatar, which i did. both of these things I thought would appear directly on my blog header under the ‘about’ link which is already there. But if I click on to the ‘about’, it takes me to a page which starts off something like…’this is an example of a page….”

    So I copied my profile into that page. But now it just looks a mess. How can I take my profile blurb and my gravatar, and put them onto that ‘about’ page so that that is all there is there, and there is no way to leave a comment?
    Blog url: http://queenofshebadotcomdotau.wordpress.com/



    We have a great video tutorial for adding pages and customizing your about page at http://wordpress.tv/2009/01/14/adding-an-about-me-or-any-other-static-page/.

    You can edit your About page here. For more information about pages, please check out http://support.wordpress.com/pages/.

    Your profile is different from your About page and doesn’t show up on your blog. Your profile will be available on Gravatar.com via a web address that contains your username – in this case, your profile is available at http://gravatar.com/queenofshebadotcomdotau. Please see http://en.support.wordpress.com/user-profile/ for more information.

    If you’d like, you can add a Gravatar widget to your blog which will display your Gravatar and a customized blurb about you. You can add that in your Widgets page (Appearance > Widgets). More information is available at http://en.support.wordpress.com/widgets/gravatar-widget/.

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