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    I wrote quite a bit on my profile, hit Update, then noticed that I should put a picture at the Gravatar box. However once I’d gone through the Gravatar process, I noticed that my written profile wasn’t updated, and I can’t find what I wrote. I hate to re-write, especially if it’s retrievable. Maybe I did something dumb. Any suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is



    Are you referring to this page? > Users > My Profile > About you
    If so that information will be found on your profile page at the Gravatar site. If you want it to appear on an About page you will have to copy and paste it onto a page.



    I think so. I got there from wordpress when I decided I should add a picture. Thanks for your reply. I did just go back to the Gravatar site to see if it had my update, but no. Maybe I hadn’t updated/saved before I click on Gravatar to add the picture, and that was my mistake. Strange to me. Thanks again.

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