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    Ever seen that Profile – Favorites page. You know the page that allows to save Forum topics that you might have an interest in following. Could be why they call it Favorites. Ever seen it again? Yeah that’s what I found too.

    I appreciate this is just common sense so techs may not understand BUT, how ’bout putting Favorites in a place that’s easy to find again?

    Just a thought.Thank you for listening.

    The blog I need help with is


    Click on your username at the top of the forum to go to your profile. At the top left, you will see two tabs (although they are white and don’t look like tabs), “Profile” and “Favorites”. Click on Favorites and you will see a list of posts you have added to your favorites.



    You can also click on the question mark next to “Add this topic to your favorites” on the right.

    If the topic is already part of your favorites, click on the word “favorites” in “This topic is one of your favorites”.



    Thanks. I guess saying Favorites for Favorites is too much to ask.


    @brad, they did that just to piss you off.


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