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Profile -> Change Primary blog

  1. I currently have one blog in my profile. It's a self hosted WordPress Blog.

    My problems:

    1. How do I add more blogs to my profile? As it seems it's only possible to add blogs now. wtf?
    2. How do I remove my current self hosted blog from my profile. I see no option to do that anywhere

    As I understand this profile is the same used by, except that it's impossible to edit the profile anywhere but here.

  2. You can only add blogs to a account. Your self-hosted blog is only associated with this account because you've put it on the profile under Website.

    This is NOT the same profile as used by They are completely independent.

  3. My misstake, .org and .com of wordpress are separate accounts.

    However this still boggles my mind:

    How do I add more blogs to my profile? As the screenshot proves my primary blog is not a blog and my website is another url.

  4. Ah, now that I think of it, it's probably included on the dashboard because you're using the WP stats plugin. So to add more blogs to your profile you'll either have to start them up at or use the stats plugin.

  5. ah yup that's it!

    I've installed stats on my other blog and now it shows as well in the list


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