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    Hi! When I search wordpress for my posts, they show this weird squared image next to them (see
    I have already set a custom image to be shown but apparently…it won’t show! Can anyone tell me what I could have done wrong? Is it the ‘Gravatar’ image that I need to change? (because for some reason I can’t change it)

    The blog I need help with is


    Edit: I’m talking about that image that even shows up here! On the left side, that purple white star thingy!



    Liet’s separate this into two related issues.

    (1) The best practices for uploading gravatar images are found at the very end of this post,and in the post you will find reference links to the support documentation

    (2) Every one of us can make choices about what will be displayed on our own blogs in the comments. See > Settings > Discussion and scroll down to the bottom. Some may choose not to have avatars display at all; some may choose to have default avatars displaying.



    (3) Please calm down. This is not a major issue like creating quality content and leaving comments on other blogs are. Support documentation link >


    Thanks for your reply and I apologize for my anxiety. I’ve tried editing the Gravatar but it won’t work. When I press the ‘Change your Gravatar” link, a window pops up which says nothing more than: Please close this window if it does not close automatically.

    Could it be my browser? I’m using Firefox.


    I went directly to and now it seems to be working.



    I’m using Firefox 3.5.6. No problems here.

    If you have a properly prepared image that scales down without losing definition (see the best practices at the link I posted above and be sure first), then go directly to the gravatar site and upload and register it there

    While you are there report your problem with not being able to upload an avatar here > Users > Your Profile and be sure to include the correct URL for your blog, starting with http://

    From the gravatar FAQs:
    OK, but how do I contact support?
    Send an e-mail to support at gravatar dot com



    Well, that’s good news. :)

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