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Profile mismatch problem

  1. I manage a bunch of WordPress blogs and I created an account on largely so that I could get an API ket for Akismet to work on my self-hosted blog.

    In the meantime, a friend started a blog on and asked me to take a look at the back-end setup. She added me as an admin user of her blog.

    Today I noticed that when I log in to, it shows her blog as my "primary blog" when I really don't have a blog on at all.

    I guess this is not a big deal but it seems to be a bug or glitch. The reason I'm asking about it is because I don't want to be considered responsible for any charges that she may incur by adding extra services to her blog. Is this an issue at all? I guess she would have to supply a credit card to add services, and it would be her card that WordPress would be looking to charge for such services. It seems like this could get confusing if I were to start my own blog on, which I am thinking about doing.

    Thanks for any info.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Since you are set up as an administrator on her blog, her blog will be listed in your dashboard, and since you do not have a blog of your own associated with that account, her blog will sort of automatically be listed as a "primary" blog for your account.

    Only the blog owner (the one who set up the blog originally) would be responsible for any charges or anything. You as an added administrator would not be responsible.

    Services that she would add, would be paid for by her through paypal, so there is never any credit card information or anything like that that is exchanged or recorded at wordpress.

    None of it is really a problem for you. If you start a wordpress.COM blog, then you will be responsible for only that blog.

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