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Profile Not Updated

  1. Im edited my profile last Monday, and till now the change is not reflected on my blog.

    I did press on the Update Profile button, and has been doing that every day it was not reflected.

    Whats happening?

  2. Do you mean that About box on your blog? That one for Regulus is specific to Regulus and you edit it at Dashboard -> Presentation -> Current Theme Options -> Personal Information -> 'About You' at the bottom of the page.

    hope this helps,

  3. I do know where to edit them (and to press the Update Profile button).

    The problem is the changes are not reflected on my blog.

  4. Unlike Drmike I am utterly confused about your "profile".

    Where is the "profile" of which you speak?

    Do you mean the one under "users" in your dashboard?

    What were you trying to change?

    If it is there then I suggest that you send in feedback (top right corner) as I don't think us mere mortals can help.


  5. Have you emptied your browser cache? When in doubt, hit the refresh key.

  6. Cornell, the Regulus theme has an additional Profile that a user can fill out. It also has an addional admin menu that blog owners see if logged in.

    Pip, the sidebars are cached here but should be updating after this amount of time. As per Rain, try clearing your cache.

    I do note that you're coming in from Singapore. (I can see your IP address as a Moderator) This isn't the first time someone has had an issue that could be cache related. I wonder if Singapore is one of those locations where the entire country is run thru a single proxy server. Hmmm...

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