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profile photo when i comment on my blog

  1. hi,
    when i comment on my blog (mindthemum), the photo that appears is my mindthecook (my first blog with wordpress) gravatar. i've already changed my username (mindthecook to mindthemum) and i have a mindthemum gravatar photo but still i get the wrong photo (mindthecook) when i add a comment on mindthemum. how can i sort it out?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. It frequently takes days for Gravatars to appear after we upload them as they are cached images. Also note that the first place they tend to display is here in the forums and I do not see your gravatar displaying here. When a gravatar does not appear after several days have passed you can contact gravatar support

  3. thanks a lot :-)

  4. You're welcome.

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