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  1. Yesterday I changed my gravatar. I deleted the old picture. When I posted today and my post was automatically sent to Facebook my old picture showed up instead of the new one.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You'll need to disconnect Publicize to Facebook, clear your facebook cache, and reconnect.

  3. I'll try that. Just noticed it also shows up wrong in my dashboard. Did I do something wrong?

  4. Why don't you tell us what the old one looked like and what the new one looks like and we can tell you what we see and go from there.

  5. The new one is the pic you are seeing on my gravatar now. The old one was an older pic but kinda fuzzy. When I pull up my dashboard the pic on the left hand side next to my blog title shows the old pic and on the right hand side beside my name shows the new one. Does that make any sense? I deleted the old one when I added the new one. I'm new at this so maybe I didn't complete a step?

  6. It can take a day or so for the new avatar to work its way through to all the different places. It shows in the forum first. On the blog last.

  7. Ok. I think I did it yesterday morning. I will give it another day or so and then start to worry. Thanks so much for your help!

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