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    I think it would be VERY benificial to WP to be able to have a picture with your profile on your blog. And to have that picture come up with any comments that you make on other blogs…

    What do you say WP? Can you hook that up for us?



    I suspect the answer will be ‘no, we’re not in the business of ripping off livejournal’, but you may wish to send a feedback requesting this feature anyway. We have an increasing number of LJ refugees who would love it.



    There is a duplicate thread to this one going tonight. I certainly hope both threads were not started by the same person. OOPS I guess they were.

    aaronpaetz – you have started two threads on the same subject tonight. This is considered to be bad form, although I’m sure you didn’t know that. The long and short of it is that the wordpress support forum is not a meet and greet forum. It is not at all like a chat room. It is strictly for support. That’s why there are no photos on the profiles – what your look like, what your age is, what your race is, whether you are able bodied or disabled is of absolutely no sigificance here. Isn’t that awesome?



    I guess you can create a page called ‘about’ and put your picture inside it :)



    You sure can and you can also put your picture and contact information into a text widget and put it in your sidebar. :)



    can you put side bars on pages? I wanted a sidebar on my about page, but not sure hwo to go about doing that.



    Hi linh,

    The theme you have chosen is Blix. You already have a sidebar on the blog with your flickr picture at the top.

    There is another thread on the forum that indicates there is a choice you can make with Blix as to leaving it in the default format or using widgets.

    You have already entered your flickr photos in the sidebar so I assume you now want to use your other widgets. I’m going to try to give you a hand to get you started. My instructions may not be perfect but they will help you get started and drmike or a more experienced blogger can help you out if I’m not clear enoungh so here goes.

    Dashboard -> Presentation – > Sidebar widgets

    Go to the available widgets and choose the ones you want. Drag and drop them into the area called Sidebar one. Then click save.

    I hope this is helpful. :)



    Pages are not designed to have sidebars unless you know someone skilled at html codes and that could generate the code for you.



    Actually some of the themes have Pages that have sidebars. Connections does for example while Sapphire doesn’t.

    It’s another one of those “Some theme designers do it while others don’t” things. :)

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