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    HiYa –

    (see my new “42words” blog at wordpress.com)

    For you who don’t know, see below for base links.

    What first caught my eye was: no sidebar. No reason to blow off the sidebar … really not. IMNSHO, of course.

    Then I made a page as a work-around … no sign of that page. Now, really, that’s a rad departure from usual behaviour.

    Then, when I posted a second time, the first post disappeared from view. (I just checked in Admin; it’s set up to display 10.)

    So …

    … I’d have it installed on my own sandbox (I grabbed the files from SVN but the info here doesn’t really describe installation. (I’m not gonna apologize for being new to this … I gave up apologizing for no reason some years back. Irritating, aint’ it. heh)

    Oh, and I just noticed: I can add a title when I edit, but that too disappears. No biggie … that’s prolly the right thing to do.
    But Pages on the blog … and sidebar … and disappearing posts … oy.


    1) – http://wordpress.com/blog/2008/01/28/introducing-prologue/
    2) – http://ma.tt/2008/01/twitter-theme/



    Geeez, I can’t edit this? Galllllll dang! How much o’my time you gonna waste?!!!

    “Backticks” <i><b>BackTicks</b></i> …
    … know what I left outta this? I left out most of my LJ post: “The kidz with the marbles make the rules”.

    Can’t edit my post?
    Posts that disappear?
    No sidebar?

    Really kills me, all you guys working for free, and me being such an ingrate.


    friiiiiggggggin “back ticks” ……. texturize; an idea for the 80s.



    If you know what they are, could you use them? I can’t make out that post at all.



    Post fixed.



    Prologue is intended as a group blog. It shows only the most recent post from each author. It’s lacking many regular blog features because that’s kinda the point.


    Does each user need to be set up in a certain way? No one seems to yet be able to see the white typing box from me. I invited folks to use it, but they all just keep commenting on my post instead of adding their own. Do I set them up as a contributor? I’m not sure what role to give them, or what works best for this.



    Well, 5purposedriven, if you want people to contribute with posts and not with comments you have to add them to your blog at least as authors. Contributors can edit their own posts, but are not allowed to publish. Here is a summary of the possible roles and their implications: http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/05/12/what-are-the-different-roles/



    all themes needs individual rss for the categories, not only for tags. Prolog need to show the titles. i dont know where tell this because the articles about prolog do not let me say my opinnion.



    OK very very nice theme…
    And so: how can you do to allow visitors make their own author role?

    I mean, would be great for everyone to be possible to login, have a user as an author and post anything short.

    Is that possible?
    Thank you!

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