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Progress bar widget

  1. I would very much like to add a progress bar widget to my blog, to record the word count of my current work in progress, but I haven't been able to figure it out. Is this something that is available only on a premium account or Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. In your New Post dashboard, at the bottom left corner of the text box, there is a word count. Is that what you needed, or did you mean something else?

  3. Unfortunately, that's not what I'm looking for-- not the word count of a post, but a widget (I assume) that displays the word count of the short story or novel I am currently working on. I have seen these on the pages of some bloggers, but I think it may be something available only to a premium or account; if not, I needed some guidance on how to set up the widget. Thanks.

  4. Sorry, I haven't seen anything like that.

    I don't know how those sort of counters work, but if it involves flash/java, you won't be able to use a widget like that on WordPress.COM. All that kind of coding is stripped out for security concerns.

  5. One option would be to create a custom text sidebar widget, you'd just have to manually update the count.

  6. All auto-updating widgets use code we cannot use here. We bloggers cannot post JavaScript widgets for security reasons. Nor can we post iframe codes for the same reason.
    Limitations here vs. Comparison here

  7. Understood. That's what I suspected. Thank you both for your responses.

  8. You're welcome from me. I just fleshed out what ifmomsaysok shared with you.

  9. You're welcome @neckronn99, and thanks @timethief...

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