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Progressive Story...

  1. Before we get started:

    Please do not try to make the story vulgar or rude in any way.

    Who wants to start?

  2. As soon as I read the part about it not being rude or vulgar, I was left with nothing to say. :p

  3. Yeah, that pretty much rules out my entire vocabulary.

    If you have a CP blog, maybe you can do one on your site with your friends and put it in the comments. That way you'll all be at the same level of vulgarity or not, unlike the public forums.

  4. Fine then i will start!

    -Bob and the green goat-

    One day bob decided to go to the beach. He was heaps excited!
    He was all ready to go when the stupid goat came along and pushed an encyclopeadia in Bob's eye.
    "Ow! that really hurt!!!!!" said bob.

    "Oh well, life goes on..." said the goat.

    "What do you mean? your life may go on but what about my eye sight?!"

    "So, your a middle aged yobo with no life, losing one eye isn't going to affect your social life."

    "Oh yeah guess your right. Anyway, I'm off to the beach!!"

    And with that, Bob picked up his stuff and went to the beach.

    When Bob got to the beach, he set down his stuff and walked along the shore.
    but then a huge wind came along and sprayed sand into his already heaps bruised eye and he cried heaps loud ways.

  5. Fine then...

  6. what a morbid story. you do realize there are children like myself who read these forums, right? ;)

  7. Yeah... whats your point?

  8. my point is: kudos. :p

  9. kiturocks, pretty much all our stories get vulgar pretty quickly. Really, your best bet is to do it as a thread of comments on your own blog. It will also be good for hits if you invite people your own age to post to it.

  10. Agreed .. we are old and we are edgy ... ;)

  11. Pah! I'm not old. Grumpy? Yes. Not old!


  12. When you're communicating with kids then anyone over 30 is old.

  13. no... 60 is old...

  14. I'm a lot closer to 60 than I am to 12. I'm closer to 60 than I am to 20.

  15. I'm closer to 60 than I am to 30.

  16. Lol..edgy indeed. Get me next year when I hit 30-I'm already grumbling about 29 this Oct!!! Mind you, I did get id'd for an 18+ movie at the theater the other week, which resulted in a big fat tip for the girl working...hehe.

  17. I am closer to 25 than I am to 0...

  18. Oh, cry me a frickin' river! :P

  19. What was the subject again?

  20. "I'm a lot closer to 60 than I am to 12. I'm closer to 60 than I am to 20."


    I'm not 12 yrs old!!

  21. But you're closer to 12 than you are to 20, aren't you?

  22. I'm guessing that kiturocks is sweet 16, an equal distance from 12 and 20. ;)

  23. "But you're closer to 12 than you are to 20, aren't you?"

    yes... but only by about a year... :P

  24. wait a minute...

    oh no...

    scratch that!

    I'm closer to 12!

  25. Aha! I can do math...if I take my socks off...

  26. Alot of people think I'm a guy and that I'm a teen. :O

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