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PROMISES NOT KEPT: How do you get the attention of customer service?

  1. I have written to customer service several times asking for assistance in getting my site up and running. ALL HAVE BEEN IGNORED OR THE SUBJECT CHANGED. I would like to close the account and receive any refund to which I am entitled. This has been a thoroughly disappointing experience.

    [email redacted]

  2. I JUST WANT OUT!!!!

  3. I've won "consumer fraud" cases on flimsier facts than these. These people apparently just don't care, once they get your money.

  4. We need the URL of the site / blog you are asking about before anyone can start to help you

  5. Hi....
    So I am finally getting a minute to vamp up my wordpress, I LOVE IT. As simple as it looks right now I have actually had a whole once person directed to it and got a great writing position. Anyhow my question about....
    I added a link to my facebook page under links, how do I make it visable on the site visitors see? HELP?
    Thank you

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