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Promote an outstanding blog post by someone else

  1. Yes, benevolence is in the air! :D
    Now that we have a thread for promoting other people's blogs (thanks to deltafoxtrot), we are ready to share even more.

    This thread is for you to promote a blog POST by someone else. A post that you liked.
    Provide the url and a short description and also (maybe) why you liked it.

    The condom experience of a Muslim girl

    Well, it's um, just what it says in the link! :D

    I liked it because I never expected a muslim girl to do such a thing!

  2. rain,
    that thread recommends ENTIRE blogs.

    promoting INDIVIDUAL blog posts is what the aim of this thread here.
    there is a marked difference between the two, don't you think? :D

    we have a Plug your blog and Today's post threads for OWN blogs and they are different in their ambitions.

    i am hunting for individual blog POSTS recommended by others cos i think it's worth it.
    there's a possibility that not ALL posts of a recommended blog is a good read. :D

  3. Okay, I get it now. Apologies: I'm often testy on Saturday night, especially when I don't have a date!

  4. thatbloggingguy

    Hey, my name is John, and I am on my friends account. He's looking for people to see his review of Semi-Pro and thought this would be a nice platform to attract some people to his site.

    His site is:


  5. Ok sanjidabd,

    Cheers for benevolence! Your reference was moving and interesting—pfff I should not be shy to praise her: she is a very good blogger and that post was amazing.

    My outstanding post is not so dramatic, but it's thoughtfully done and may be useful for people to think about.

    Consider why/how to be a happy blogger. This person has quit her blog, but I enjoyed reading her posts as often as she continued to blog.

  6. hello itess,
    thanks for sharing!

    ok, here i go with another one. you should sign the petition. a horrible artist has tied a dog in a gallery and is starving him to death in the name of art.

    Save dog from art

  7. rain,
    i read that post vand agree with engtech on most cases, especially the low-contrast thing.

    that post cheered me. thanks so much! i am gonna go a bit easy on the blogging thing from now on. although it's fun for me most of the time, i do get carried away!

  8. That certainly is a horrible man.

  9. One of my all-time favorites by "cardboard god" (baseball card) author Josh Wilker:

    This guy makes me piss myself with his regular banter.

  10. Thanks NG and 1tess for the kind words. :-)

  11. Here's one for the gardeners in the crowd:

    Very funny, and totally true.

  12. Here's one for people who like the downright weird...

    It's very well done, but it definitely has the Daffy Duck "woo-woo" factor...

  13. oh yeah! Blogrolled that one! Thanks for posting it!

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