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  1. its funny, i never new we had showcase, i was publicisn my blog in d rong place
    so i got in trouble
    so just advice, dont publisice ur blogs in the normal forums, its for technical stuff
    check out dis blog

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hopefully your blog is better written than this post but I dont feel the pull to go and see for myself.


  3. haha same, but good luck!

  4. Wow u guys r serious. It was jus sum lighthearted fun. Its ok, u dnt ave to look at it if u dunt want to. U can not judge sumwun by a few sentenced, wen I jus made a mistake, and tryna warn othas from makin d same mistake. I hope other bloggers can take a joke x. God bless. Continue blogging!

  5. All they are saying is they hope your blog has better spelling/grammar than your post. Because if you want your blog to be taken seriously you really need to nail down the spelling thing. There is a spell check, ya know? Not trying to be rude either, trying to help you out.

  6. ok i get u, well as i am not writing a blog, i couldnt be bothered to wirte in full English.
    but its all good, thank you for the helpfull correction. people are very serious about this blog thing, truley i do this for all the Glory to God, and yes my blog is written in good English. i just do not think that, that is a good reason to not read someone's blog, we should all support each other. but its all good. take care.

    p.s. i did not write this blog, for constuctive criticism, but just to share what happend to me the first few weeks in wordpress, and to offer advice, and share light hearted humour. and obviuosly promote ma blog, and hope ppl read it. but if ppl do not, do not have to tell me, just dont read it.

  7. sory not blog, i mean forum.x.


    posted a new movie review on The Fourth Kind :D


    gave my "new" take on Christina Aguilera's new song Not Myself Tonight

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