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  1. Thats right you dont see a type o in the tittle of the post lol, we get so caught up in our own blogs and tend to forget about other the link to a blog you particularlly like and have commented on's the one i`ve choosen

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Maybe this is cheating, but here's another fave:

  3. lol there is no cheating, but we do want to keep it simple so the under dog of blogs can bet a little airplay, lots of photo blogs I would like to see more of and fashion as well.

  4. I'm new to WordPress and also new to blogging. Of course I want people to come check out my blog which I will be posting my first post this evening, but I also want to know how to find good blogs on WordPress. Just using the search function doesn't seem to be getting me what I want. So I would love to plug someone else's blog here, but alas, I'm so new that I can't. If for some reason you are interested in checking mine out its

  5. I will post mine since I am new to this! hahahah

  6. just had to be selfish I see tsk tsk tsk

  7. invisiblemikey

    I just held a contest for readers of my blog, and then awarded FREE POSITIVE REVIEWS of their blogs as prizes! The 2 winners & honorable mention:

    My promo reviews can be read at:

  8. thanks for posting invisiblemikey :)

  9. I've been busy recent days and still got a lousey cold, would have been here sooner otherwise...

    BTW gal, not only do you gave a great blog but your bit about
    "not doing Cute" had me saying YES YES YES GIRLFRIEND !!! even
    out loud !!! LOL

    AND I was very relieved 'cos up til now I thought it was only me
    who thought that way.

    Love the photo of your hubby in the book stacks too... was my
    hubs in the next isle perchance? he's evenmore of a bookstore
    buff than I am LOL

    DO check out Mikey's blog too .. yep hes invisable but he writes grea with those invisable hands :)

  10. Ha! Kiwidutch, you crack me up! Thanks for the promo!

  11. This is a good blog if your into sports.

  12. No problemo blisterina! You have a great blog :)

    wineandgold, I'm not a sport fan (well, yes ok, I admit I can be screaming and
    bouncing up and down on the couch when the Dutch national team
    are playing HUP Holland HUP!

    If you have to ask what kind of team then you need to make yourself familiar with the Number One Dutch obsession LOL. Just think World Cup in a few months and i'll be in the right direction.

    ... and I will cheer our speedskaters too (who doesn't in this country?), but for the rest I'm not following any particular provincial team.

    Just wanted to say that your blog has a great layout and is well written, it mightnot be my cup of coffee, but I should appeal well to sports fans, well done :)

  13. gnawvicegnews,
    I checked out your blog and left a comment. One little point,
    filling in your "about" page is a BIG advantage as it's often
    one of the first places readers go to find out more about you.

    Yep that WAS a not so subtle hint LOL.

    Great start, keep it up ! regards.. kiwidutch :)

  14. Kiwidutch,

    Are you talking about my blog that is well written and has a great layout, or are you talking about the blog I promoted?


  15. lets just stick with the topic shall we :) promote another persons blog, we sometimes get caught up in what we're doing on our own, so i've decided to shed a little light and love on other shoudl do the ;)

  16. For wonderful, ironic and humorous photos plus good text, I highly recommend this blog:


  17. Her Name is Ed Wilson!!!!! I just bookmarked that blog because it looks like something that I could have done myself! The design is dynamic yet professional. The stories are interesting, the pictures are catchy and the writing looks effortless.

  18. Thanks hibiscusjaune

    You actually beat me to it, yes her blog is informative, jogs the thoughts and have alots of wit, sass and personality mixed in...she is one of my daily reads

    this post rocks!


    full of wit, funny, makes me giggle everytime I read it, just makes you laugh harder and harder each time (I bet she is the coolest in person) i'm reading her's

  20. @webmistress27 This is such a great idea! Thanks for coming up with it.

    I came upon this blog the other day and I'm smacking my own head for not coming up with it, but it's really funny and, well, awesome:

  21. I love these blogs!!!!

    Happy reading!

  22. Victory

    promote somebody else's blog it would be greatly appreciated *hence the post title* if not you can create your own little itsy bitsy teenie weenie microbial promotion thread

    Thank you Misou ho- its always cool to shed light on others from time to time

  23. sharing is caring

  24. this is a good blog if your into sports a friend of mine runs I view constantly

  25. If you love collecting go here! This blog has a fabulous collection of some magnificent art

    I may be a little biased to this brand new blogger, but he is on here looking for positive reinforcement, and as I'm the one who introduced blogging to this person, well, I want him to have a great experience with so many of the wonderful people I've met on this site, so check him out!

    One of the first blogs I started avidly reading here on wordpress is this blog, she's entertaining and full of excitement, those of you who will get to know her will love to read up on all the excitement coming up in her life....

    this next blog has a fantastic outlook on the world, and has some great health tips as well. For all you vegetarian and vegans, I implore you to start reading this bloggers wonderful posts

    I will be back for more later :)

  26. Its always good to see post in regards to those that are gone, but obviouslly not forgotten

  27. wordwatchtowers

    Beautifully written, awe-inspiring and inspirational:

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