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  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh new blog out now
    'Take Jesus Pleeeeeaseeeeee, ErrrrNah!!!!'
    God bless

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you truly believe that your god approves if this spamming for Jesus then I'm afraid we will have to agree to disagree. You are well aware that there is a Showcase Forum and in fact you have previously posted there.

  3. truspire, please do not post these in support again. The correct location is Showcase as timethief said.

    Moving to Showcase.

    I am just starting this whole thing, but the point is to post a new free-hand obscene robot everyday.
    go. look. comment.

  5. A typical blog about... thoughts and things in life!

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    It's a life blog.


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  13. I have 2 blogs:

    one dedicated to parenthood with lessons-learned, useful tips and advice regarding all things baby

    another one is just for fun - random posts, funny topics, fashion and product reviews, giveaways etc:

    hope you drop by and take a peek or leave some comments.

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    God bless

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  17. scarletsculturegarden

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