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  1. Ive done searches and read the FAQs, and they did not tell me anything I didn't previously know. From a blogger, what is the best way to promote your blogs and get views?

  2. This is a good collection of blog specific things that was put together by timethief on her wordpress resources blog:

  3. From out here in cyberspace it's impossible to look into your head and know what level of information to provide you with. Perhaps this will be helpful, perhaps not. If it is and you do Promote Your Blog: Increase Traffic

  4. @ddorsey
    You received your answer in stereo. :)

  5. Thanks, I've done everything mentioned in your link, I was wondering if anyone had some more personal tips?

  6. This forum is "public". If you want personal tips then the best place to request them is on your blog. I'd be glad to contribute some personal tips myself but, as yet, you have not posted the link to your blog. Without being able to lay eyes on the blog, witnessing the nature of the subject matter in the blog, examining its structure and its navigability what useful advice can we provide?

    link is there, blog post is there, thanks

  8. OOPS! I forgot to say that the best way to begin promoting your blog within the community is to link your username to your blog. ->Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile
    scroll down to "website" and insert the full url for your blog and then click "Update Profile".

  9. Hello again,
    I'm going to eat now but I will check your blog out afterwards and post my input into this thread on the off-topic forum. Critique my blog

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