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Promoting a blog.

  1. I'm looking for tools or tricks to promote my blog I welcome both paid and free ideas & suggestions.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Search or look back a bit in the Forum - it is the single most ask question here - or visit @timethief's site

  3. its rather hard to promote.... simplest but more ineffective way is to comment on other people's blog..... but if you do that, its kind of a cheap and retarded way of doing it.
    so forget what I just said.. hahhahaha~

  4. What you say is true and it's included in the information at the links that I posted above. The golden rule of social networking is - give to get.

  5. Hello there! @timethief's blogs are really worth reading - it has helped me with promoting traffic on my blog so I can testify that it certainly does work. Good luck!

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