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Promoting blog with release

  1. For several weeks, every time I added a post WordPress offered to help me promote it with a news release of sorts. I finally would like to try that, but the offer seems to have stopped coming up.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to do that?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It was something that WordPress was offering. I can't imagine that would be outside the Terms of Service.

  3. That's simply an invitation to use Publicize. Please post an active link to the blog in question starting with http://


    I'm fairly certain it was some paid service.

  5. Umm ... no you aren't:

    If you are interested in giving us money in exchange for an ad, well … we’re open to that.

    There is no blogger initiated advertising allowed on free hosted blogs and what you have there appears to be a violation of the ToS.

  6. We haven't accepted advertising. If we were to accept it, we would transfer it over to a .org.

  7. There. That page is down.

    I still want to know what they were offering by way of promotion.

  8. Found it. Thanks for help. This is what was showing up...

    Want more readers?

    Get more views and traffic with paid distribution from PR Newswire.
    Find out more.

  9. Publicize makes it easy to share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Messenger Connect, Yahoo!, and LinkedIn. The section on setting up and using Publicize is found in the support documentation >

  10. Paid distribution from PR Newswire? Really? That's astonishing. Did they quote you a price, because PR Newswire ain't cheap.

  11. I'm getting this iReach/PR Newswire offer each time I publish a post now, too. It just started yesterday. It's in that left sidebar w/ the green timeline that tells you "This is your 349th post! Your new goal is..." It's right below that. So I clicked on it to see what it's all about but it takes you to the iReach/PR Newswire site, which tells you that it's $89 per year to get. Strange. I'm with timethief on this - why pay for what what Publicize does free? But why is this iReach/PR Newswire popping up now with every published post?

  12. @nefertizahra
    Not only publicize can be used free of charge when it comes to Facebook one can use RSS Grafitti or networked blogs for the same purposes.

    I assume what you are seeing may be part of the WordPress advertising campaign but it may not be and only Staff knows if it is or not. Here's the contact Staff link.

    Did you know that you can disable Instant Post Feedback off from your Dashboard, at Users, Personal Settings?

  13. $89 per year is WAY WAY lower than PR Newswire's normal cost. This is very interesting.

  14. Yes indeed. I wonder what Staff will have to say.

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