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    I have the blog So far, it’s had some 18 visits. How do I submit it to other blog sites? Found it from, but only after searching for a post title.

    I (plan to) write about electronics, technology, nostalgia, games, 3D, composing music, writing, and a bit about philosophy.

    But I’d like to have custom category titles to make it more personal, i.e. “Technostalgia” rather than the much more generic “electronics”; “Philosophy-esque” rather than “Philosophy”.

    As I’ve understood it, your categories are tagged and sent via RSS feeds to other blog sites?

    My question is: can I submit my blog under a tag like “electronics” to other blog sites, even though the category names are different?

    Question #2 is: will that help me get hits? I think I write well enough on topics of interest to more than a few. Is there something that will save my blog from drowning in a thousand blogs mentioning “Zidane” and “Boeing 747”?

    I don’t expect to ever make the top blog lists at all, but is there some way of promoting the blog within certain special categories?

    Thanks for any enlightenment.



    If you use category tags of your own creation then I’m wondering how others will find your blog. I mean crystal ball reading isn’t really effective is it? (lol) Assigning blog categories and tagging posts is like cataloguing, indexing and assigning subject headings and sub-headings to books, cd’s, dvds, and videos in a library. The librarian can use standard categories, subject headings and sub-headings for example the Library of Congress subject headings. And why does she or he use them? Surely not for the writers of the books etc. because they are aware of their own names and their own titles and subjects and titles. She is doing the cataloguing so the potential readers who may not know the names of the writers, their websites, their posts, etc. can find them.

    Blogs are for readers, right? So that’s the approach that may be best – pretend you’re someone who doesn’t know about you and your writing and work from there.

    social bookmarking organizations: technorati, icerocket, delicious, blinklist, etc. a

    and this thread may be also useful


    write a wordpress theme ;)

    seriously, just write. and link. and comment.
    if you’re not writing about things that people care about, they’re not going to go looking for your blog.

    when you link, link to specific blog posts, so your post shows up as a pingback. and link to your own posts, making sure to make use of the title=” ” attribute.

    and comment on other blogs like yours. include your blog url in the appropriate field, and people will click your name. plus, most people will add you to their ‘blogroll’ if you read and comment regularly.

    add your blog url to your forum sig on any forums you frequent.

    there are a few blog directories out there that are worth submitting to, but not many. look for local blogging sites, people like being creepy stalkers.



    Agreed with the writing your own theme but then you run into the problem that technorati may boot you. The guy who did the Default theme got his blog removed because of that. (Or so I’ve heard.)

    I find that covering a lot of different topic seems to draw folks into my site.

    Don’t say stalker. You’ll scare Nosy. :)


    nah, check the top 100, he’s back up there twice, once for binarybonsai, once for

    kyle neath (hemingway) and matt are still nowhere to be found though.

    personally, enough people don’t use disconnected for me to have issues. getting unlisted by technorati will not stop people visiting your blog, though.



    Thanks for the tips!

    I had the preconception that you somehow typed tags (as for posts in this forum) for your categories and posts. For categories, there’s a Description field. Does filling that in affect categorization on sites like technorati et al? Writing posts shows no such field though.

    What I’m after is something like if someone looks in the Philosophy category (if there is one) on technorati et al they can find a post of mine on the subject if I’ve posted recently. But I take it it doesn’t work this way? What way do those sites work; how do people find interesting blogs on them?

    Sorry for all the dumb questions but I’ve just arrived into this world ;)



    If you want to show up in the category


    on technorati, simply put that post in the category


    on your blog here.

    You can add it to other categories as well but having it in your Philosophy category is what will make it show up on technorati under the Philosophy tag.



    Oh. So I can’t keep my special category names that I used to liven up the Category section. (Currently, “Philosophy-esque”.) Booooring. :P

    There’s a phenomenon gaining speed right now, people collecting old computers and arcade games and repairing and upgrading and developing for them. I thought I was creative, coining the term “Technostalgia” for it.

    Can I work around it by using the category hierarchy? I.e., having a section called Philosophy-esque with subcategories Philosophy, Religion and Science, and check those categories for the posts and they will get tagged in those categories elsewhere?



    @ drmike

    You said I find that covering a lot of different topic seems to draw folks into my site.

    This sure worked for me too. As soon as I expanded the topics my blog covered and re-organized all my categories and sub-categories to be consitent with the suggested ones that prompt us when we type them in more people began to visit my site.


    You said and link to your own posts, making sure to make use of the title=” ” attribute.

    I don’t understand what you mean by use of the title=” ” attribute. Would you please run that by again?



    I have a post with some tips I gathered on building up an audience and promoting your website here:


    <a href="" title="climate change in coastal areas">my last rant about the BC coast</a>

    google will pick up ‘climate change in tidal areas’ as a description of your post. your post will now show up when people search for those terms. google also picks up the text of the link, so you want to make sure that your text is <i>relavent</i>, but sometimes sentance structure prevents you from jamming in all the keywords you want.

    the title attribute is what shows up when you hover on a link, so you can also use it for underhanded snarkiness. ;)


    FWIW, if you’re using the rich text editor, the title attribute is the same as the title field in the link editor pop-up thingy.



    hmmm – the snark factor,eh? I think I got. Speaking of which I note you haven’t had time to take assert your stand on a campy t-shirt



    Thanks again, I’ve now ordered my categories into neat sub-categories. I also found some smaller blog sites with Philosophy tags and submitted to them. Now to find some interesting blogs worthy of comment, digg some sites I like, and so on. ;)



    FWIW – I have the text rich editor turned off – thanks. And I’m not sure what you mean by “the title field in the link editor pop-up thingy”, unless you are referring to the space I type the title into. Is that what you mean?



    You can use the wordpress tags to locate similar blogs for example

    edit: you might also want to join some organizations that have members lists, mailing lists and newsletters.


    if you have the RTE enabled, then yes, that’s exactly what i mean.

    the plain text editor pop-up only has one space to type things into, so you have to do it by hand.



    Made a category “Vintage Computing”. Just checked technorati. The latest Vintage computing tagged blog is a few days old. Will that post that I moved to the new category appear on technorati after a while?



    Besides tagging, you should go out and network with like-minded bloggers. You don’t have to be obsesive; just take a few minutes to read other people’s blogs, and link to them if you like them. Blog Carnvials are a great place to start.



    Also, I have to say don’t rely on the automatic pinging of Pingomatic. I am glad it’s there, of course, but it’s been up and down like a toilet seat, so I also registered my blogs on, which pings everything and his mother. It’s a free service, and quite reliable, telling all sorts of aggregators and sites like Technorati that you’ve just updated.

    Other than that, my advice is to catch a rising meme. I made what I thought was a simple little post about some cool guys who made fountains with mentos and the next thing you know I’m getting three times my normal traffic. Quite a few of those people stuck around to read the rest of the blog.

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