Promotion vs Content theft

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    Logging in this morning I found a pingback request from bloghyped.

    I always look at the site before I approve them and was surprised to see my entire post had been added. It links back to my post, but I noticed someone Liked it on the site, and that Like didn’t show up on my post. It seems like I can’t moderate the comments either.

    I am still very new, I tried to look up as much as I could, but can’t find anything about bloghyped. If I reject the pingback will that remove the post from their site?

    The blog I need help with is



    No sorry rejecting the pingback just means that the pingback doesn’t show on your site. I would just send them a polite message (or leave a comment) saying that you don’t appreciate them using the whole article and could they please remove it.

    This is a bit odd, since you have given them permission to do exactly that in your creative commons license! Normally I would suggest further action if the polite email doesn’t work, but since you have given explicit permission this isn’t possible.

    Incidentally I also give permission for non-commercial distribution with attribution, and this sort of thing happens often. I just see it as getting my message further and another link to my blog!


    Thank you for the clarification on the pingback – I am not sure why I would drive traffic away from my post to a site that has my post

    I just added the collective commons license after reviewing the Support site suggestions this morning. They do not provide attribution though which is a requirement of the license I received.

    I have been reading up on copyright for the past couple of days – I think I have a firm handle on it – but I am still too new to know the difference between getting visibility and getting hosed.


    As tandava said, your CC license gives them permission to re-post. And they did provide attribution: they mention the source and link to it.

    Most aggregators rely on your RSS. So, if you like this kind of “visibility”, better go to Settings > Reading and select the Summary option “For each article in a feed”. This way only the beginning of your posts will be re-posted, so interested visitors will have to use the link to your blog to read the rest.


    Thank you panaghiotisadam, you are right – I guess I was defininf attribution as my name, but they did list the blog title and link to it.

    I have updated the Summary option for each article in a feed…

    Thank you so much for the quick responses!


    You’re welcome!

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