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Promotiong your blog on social media

  1. Do you use social media to promote your blog? I'm looking for success stories and also failures if any...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes. What questions do you have around that?

    I use Getsociallive and always post to Twitter a handmade message rather than automated one (in my opinion, nothing says FAIL like a Twitter message that gets cut off mid-sentence) and to Facebook immediately. Twitter and Facebook are now my #2 referrers, and they only refer ACTUAL readers, not spammers.

    Social media takes time to do right; doing it wrong is more common, and far less effective.

  3. Hi Hisiscusjaune

    we promote our blog on several social sites, me myself I use Blackplanet, Ning and Myspace

    Blackplanet has been great the best out of the three because some of my clasmates are on there so there's been interests from familiar people also our blog has made several new friends as well....ning has been ok a few here and there nothing special and myspace has been the worst out of the three because they have so much spam.

    I am forever getting inboxed things to sign up for and almost scared to click any thing on there.
    Swaggtalk100 uses a few other social sites not sure how thats working out clearly because he works alot i'll be sure to ask him for you though.

  4. @webmistress,

    I have promoted my blog on Facebook with some success, but I didn't know you could do the same on Myspace. I say this because I have checked out some Myspace forums but they seem to have rules about advertising.

    I haven't heard of Blackplanet so I will give it a go. Thanks for the tip.

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  6. @mallcopdiary
    Blackplanet is a social site with the same set up as many others
    they do have rules and such (for spammers) to weed you out if you are one, its easy to navigate. A friend of mines told me about it and i've made alot of
    friends over the years, so if your not already a familiar entity
    on there already you wont get to many visitors.

    Thanks for the info about bookmarking sites, that part is so new
    to me i'll be researching that soon. All the tech terms get a bit confusing for the beginner such as myself. As long as we can mingle with like minded people then traffic is no longer important to me, write something interestings it will be read by somebody and thats all that really matters.

  7. pornstarbabylon

    I manually post my links on Twitter which I get a lot of traffic from. I don't link from Myspace or Facebook fearing of getting banned there. Twitter is more liberal. lol I'm sort of a regular on a forum elsewhere and I comment on a couple of blogs which link back to my blog. But besides that, that's all the promoting I do.

  8. @ webmistress27 Uhm... interesting! I might give a try to BlackPlanet or even MySpace! How long have you been using it?
    @jijosunny I'm glad you answered to the thread because I like your blog! I'm Photoshop addict so your page is great discovery.
    @raincoaster I'm already using Twitter and Facebook but get almost no traffis from these platform. Makes me wonder if I'm not doing something wrong there?....
    @pornstarbabylon You're afraid of getting banned from where?

  9. pornstarbabylon

    hibiscusjaune, Myspace and Facebook. My blog is a porn news blog but without the porn. The only one in existence!! But you can't link to "porn" sites from there. But you can from Twitter.

  10. @hibiscusjaune

    I have been on BP since HS, so awhile alot of the same people i've known from back them are on there still since then, talking with these last 4, 6, 8 yrs
    has been great. They have alot of different groups to join very informative which might match your blog. Now when it comes to MS (yuck) to many people will be hitting you up with "add me" request and all sorts of none related materials which will bug you as well as bore you....really fast on there, but thats strictly imo...yours may differ.

  11. Sure.. thats how you get the views and traffic..*
    Have a great day to all.

  12. This forum is only for those posting links to blogs. Please stop the spamming now.

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