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Prompt for people to "Leave a Comment"

  1. I just finished my third post and I can't see a prompt to "Leave Comments." I've checked: Allow people to post comments; Must Leave Email and Name; and Admin Must Approve. Please advise
    Blog url:

  2. Go to > Settings > Discussion > and scroll to the very bottom of the page:
    Comment Form
    Prompt ________________

  3. Beside Prompt it reads "Leave a Reply" but I don't see it on my third post. It is present on my first two postings.

  4. I see "leave your comment here" on the third post here >

  5. I can't seem to get "Leave Your Comment Here" on my third post "Baltimore Oriole.....

  6. Okay here's what's happening. Every WordPress blog by default has open comments all Pages and on all Posts. If the comments aren't open that means you changed the default setting on the post in question.

    Settings > Discusssion is where you set up defaults for comments. We can also override the default settings and enable or disable future comments on any post or page.

  7. I'm still confused as I overrode the defaults but still checked the appropriate boxes so people could comment and they would have to leave an email, and I would have to approve comments. Wondering why the Leave Comment box doesn't appear in the Baltimore Oriole post still. I have to leave for a few hours now; maybe it will come to me or you see the error of my ways. Thanks for the help!


  8. Edit the post
    Look below the editor box and find and enable the "allow comments" in the Discussion module:
    __Allow comments.
    __Allow trackbacks and pingbacks on this page.
    Click "Update"

  9. Success! Once I got into "Quick Edit" mode instead of "Edit" mode, your answer was there waiting to check the "Allow Comments" box. I hope my next post comes out with the "Allow Comments" in tact based on the defaults I have set. Thank you for your help.


  10. You're wmost welcome and best wishes for trouble-free blogging. :)
    Will you please enter the top of this tread and mark it "resolved"?

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