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Why is there a prompt that says my "domain" is for sale?

  1. how do I speak with someone at WordPress? I'd really like to speak with a human if possible. I have questions about what it all means.
    Blog url:

  2. I'm sorry, we don't offer phone support but we're happy to help via our forums or via email.

    Where did you encounter that message? Can you please take a screenshot of it and then upload it to your media library at ?

    Please see for information on making screenshots.

    Also, please send us a link to the page where you encountered the issue.

  3. Hi mkoenig514:
    Thanks for getting back to me. Okay, I took the screen shot and posted in my media library. I can suppose you can access that.
    So if I buy the domain thingy, am I still a member of WordPress? That's the part I'm uncertain about. You know, how it all works. I do need to get additional space for posting images so, is additional space a separate issue from the domain thingy?
    Sorry for being so un-techy here. I am a technoNeanderthal. My problem and I admit that readily.

  4. That's a normal notice, more like an ad really.

    You'll still be a member with all the same features, just with a domain name too. Think of the domain name as a fancy new coat for your blog.

  5. Thank you macmanx. I get it. Now, all I've got to do is convince by banker.

  6. You're welcome!

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