Proof of Blog Ownership (API Keys Not Issued)

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    There are so many posts about needing to prove ownership of a blog. For those of us who created our blogs after WP stopped issuing API keys, what proof do we have if our email account disappears, or we can’t access it?

    I think the email provider I used when I created this blog will be around for a long while, but… people likely thought the same thing about Enron. (Not to mention that I completely forgot how to access the google apps page, and the panic from that – resolved, now – is what really prompts this question.)

    What should we be saving in several places, for just-in-case?

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    What should we be saving in several places, for just-in-case?

    Tha sounds like a good idea to me. I have all my information of hard copy file 3″ x 5″ file cards as well as keeping it online.



    I’m not sure how relevant the API key is to claiming your WordPress blog anymore, but you can still get an one, they’ve just moved the sign-up page over to Akismet: (chose the free option)


    Thanks, timethief – I’m a “saver” too, and though I back up my posts and save them all locally, I don’t know what to save to prove it is mine!

    Thank you, feartheseeds – I didn’t know we could request one. But since they aren’t sending them, I wonder if WP would even accept it.

    There must be something, to prove we own our blogs. Something?




    We still accept API keys as proof, if you have one, but are no longer issuing them with new accounts.

    In the future, we may have an alternative method to prove ownership, but for now please use a good password on both your account and your email address, and change the email address on your account if you ever stop using the current one.

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