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    This follows on from the thread here about the feasibility of adapting existing stylesheets to work with Sandbox. Rather than try it with Classic stylesheets, I decided to start with one of my entries to the Six Apart style contest. Two reasons for this: it’s more recent which means I like it better, but more importantly it was designed to be compatible with multiple page structures.

    Here’s the result. I manually linked the stylesheet from header.php to simulate being loaded after the skins. It took about ten minutes to delete the positoning stuff, edit the ID names (#banner to #header, .entry-body to .entry-content, that sort of thing), and the same time tweaking it further (the original template handled dates differently so adjustments needed to be made for that).

    So, quick and dirty and definitely in need of more bashing about, but it looks OK in all layouts and once it’s been tested more thoroughly I’ll be releasing it for general use.



    Looks great, Wank. Any chance you’d make your skin available for others?


    not that ugly at all. (quite gorgeous in fact)

    nice work.

    right now i’m bashing things in the firefox web dev extension, since i can’t get the sandbox running.



    We’re getting the PHP5-stuff fixed and the wp_nonce_url() fixed so it’ll work with hosted WP versions before 2.0.3.

    Beware of the Web Dev edit CSS function. I get about half-way through, then stupidly tab over to Gmail, losing my changes. Of course, I’m an idiot.

    When we were developing the Sandbox, Andy did Kubrick and I got about half-way through the Classic theme before I realize, well, it really needed to be put to pasture, if you know what I mean.


    haha, yeah, i’m working with a local css file, and adding it as a user style sheet. which *i think* should look the same as actually adding custom CSS.



    Looks good wank! I like the sidebar design.

    I got a laugh out of “No Kubrick allowed”.;).



    @wank – I agree with sunburntkamel and sdrane. I think the theme you produced has very gorgeous scholarly and classic look to it and that it will be well received by many bloggers. I particularly like the sidebar design too with the flowing lines from the pen and the tiny fleur de lis. The background colours, subtle shading and brown font are clean looking but also warm and soft, as opposed to white and grey which are cold and harsh.

    @sdrane, reaper and ??? – I’m sure the themes you did such a great job of customizing will also be well received by many people. It’s facinating to see what you are producing.



    Thanks everyone, glad to see such a positive response :) As soon as I manage to get widgets working on my test install I’ll see about packaging this for download, but I need to see how it plays with widgets first.



    Along the lines of your other post on agreeing on something, I hope that you will share your skin on the upcoming Sandbox skins page I’m creating. I’d love to have a nice collection of skins ready before I announce it, so feel free to get in touch with swallick at gmail.



    Done. Bugs, queries, etc. can be put in comments on that post :)



    very cool theme

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