Proofreading function doesn’t seem to be working

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    For some reason since I changed the theme of my blog, the proofreading function won’t work when I edit a post. When I click on the ABC tab, a dialog box opens saying I have no writing errors. I’ve purposely misspelled werds to se if i could git it too work. No yuse. It’s probably something simple, but I’ve scoured my dashboard and can’t seem to come up with anything. Any Ideas? Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is


    Try logging out of wordpress, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your browser and then try again.


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    The proofreading announcement of the feature may have been premature.

    I have been testing it for a while, and it worked in HTML editor before the wp news.

    Then for many days recently, it has not worked, except in the Visual editor. This morning, it sort of worked in the HTML editor. But it worked by switching automatically from the HTML editor to the Visual editor.

    That is not great because the Visual editor is busily adding paragraph tags with blank nbsp spaces to add extra blank lines. Plus other odd code. I try to avoid the Visual editor…

    At the moment, the proofreading feature seems to work in Unsleepable in both Visual and HTML modes.

    Do you think I should have been documenting the functionality of this feature and contacting Support, or should I just do as I did and wait until it does work? I’m assuming they are experimenting with this theme by theme.

    Or is that my imagination? Better to tell or not?


    It shouldn’t have anything to do with the themes. They are separate files from the dashboard and the theme files don’t effect or control anything in the dashboard really – at least not in the editors.

    It’s not your imagination, I’ve seen the empty p tags at the end of posts on several blogs – one reported just today in the forums.

    The proofreader seems to work for me in both visual and HTML tabs, but then I haven’t really done any posts and tried to use it.

    I would perhaps send the hiccups you’ve seen into staff. You might have found some they are not aware of.


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    You’re right. Notice of the hiccoughs may have been useful to staff… It now is working as it should.

    And maybe, the OP may have some technical quirks as well. Though your advice is the first thing to look at.

    Thank you.



    I tried out Proofreading within the past few hours and it quickly caused problems in my blog, altering and capitalizing code and adding lots of blanks lines and I don’t know what else, but I know my post display was messed up right from the top. I fell back to a prior revision and am staying out of Proofreading.



    @likethebike I wrote the proofreader feature and upon finding this thread, I need to watch these forums more. The uppercasing of the HTML tags (I assume you’re in HTML mode) is caused by your browser (IE I assume).

    When clicking the button the proofreader converts your post to HTML, lets you change the errors, and then clicking edit converts the changed HTML to a text form.

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