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    I was wondering, how long does it take for the translations to propagate?

    I’m asking because I made some translations and corrected others like 15 days ago and although they show up as the ‘current translation’ on the translation page, the old/wrong ones still show up on my blog.




    OK, maybe I’m getting old or something because this is the second thread today that I don’t understand. What are you looking at when you say translations?



    No, I guess you’re not getting old, but I probably was too tired when I wrote it that I left out some points. (BTW, I sent a feedback and Mark already contacted me and I replied back explaining what’s going on).

    Just to clarify, I was talking about the translations made at




    oh, ok. What did Mark say anyway just for reference and in case it comes up again? I would imagine that it’s something that’s updated once a day or so as I believe it has to have some sort of update run to create the file.



    Mark hasn’t replied yet, but as soon as he does, I’ll post a follow-up here



    Since this issue hasn’t been resolved, I’m setting my blog interface to English. Perhaps when staff have more time to take a look at this and fix any possible bug on propagating/applying the right translations after they’ve been approved, I will set the interface back to Spanish.




    This is my first post in the forums so be gentle with me…

    Like devblog I’m puzzled by the behaviour of the resource.

    Yesterday I translated about 80 strings.

    But I have a couple of problems:

    1. The ranking page says that all Spanish strings have been translated but the “Random” option still offers a few (I don’t know how many) new strings without translation.

    2. Meanwhile there are a whole bunch of “segments” that come out in my blog in English and I can’t see where to translate them because they’re not appearing among the random strings that are still not translated.

    I only started setting up my blog the day before yesterday so obviously I may have missed something important.

    The blog is here, if you’re interested (it’s an NGO project for aid to Senegal):


    Can I get the whole interface into Spanish on

    What do you think?




    “Can I get the whole interface into Spanish on”

    Yes, you could, but I have no clue on how this works, man. You’d be better off using your interface in English for the time being.

    Personally, I gave up on this ’cause it seems is not gonna get resolved any time soon (besides, the service is provided for free so we can’t demand anything. If it gets fixed, awesome… if not, it’s cool anyway, right?). If your content is in Spanish, which that’d be the most important part of your blog, because that’s what your visitor will actually read, I think they (or you) can live with having some parts of the blog in English.

    BTW, nice blog, dude.



    devblog – I am going to check on this one. I’m not entirely sure of the process and the checks that are in place – we have had some inappropriate phrases slip by in the past – and I’ll see how much we can formalise the process. Given the number of languages though and the obvious limitation on the people who can change core files it’s not quite as easy when seen from that view.
    But it is not forgotten – really.



    Thanks Mark, I greatly appreciate your reply and your email. **thumbs up**



    I have made many corrections to the spanish translations, and as the synchronization of the translations is a manual process; I’m leaving here a little notice.



    That is weird.

    I use two languages on my blogs (besides English): Bulgarian and Russian

    On my bulgarian blog everything is perfect: the admin and theme strings are translated. Ranking system shows about 50%, but seems that the other 50% of strings is something madly rare.

    On my russian blog NOTHING is translated, though in the ranking there is the same 50%. And I have checked the most common strings: “Categories”, “Recent Posts” — they are translated and approved, but still on the russian blog simply nothing is translated.

    Here are the links:

    one can easily locate the strings “posted in/at/by”, “% comments”, “categories” — which are translated in BG and not in RU, though from my point of view the situation in the is the same for both languages.

    By the way: why didn’t you import some official release of single-user WP thanslations?



    It’s a theme issue. Your Bulgarian blog is using Shocking Blue Green, which is based on the Classic theme. Currently, the only themes which are translated are the Classic theme and those which are based on it (SBG, Toni, Rubric, Silver is the New Black). Other themes use different strings which aren’t part of the translation project. Your Russian blog is using Ocadia, which is not based on Classic and hence not translated.

    We have been told that there are plans to localise other themes, but we don’t have a timeframe on that. So if you want the translations to show up in the meantime, you’ll need to switch to a Classic-based theme.



    I don’t agree with your explanation.
    I have switched both blogs to Ocadia – same effect. Check the blogs now. Bulgarian is more or less translated, Russian is not.

    I have tried to switch both blogs in the Classic based theme – same result.

    I also need to mention, that even the admin interface behaves like that. When I switch to BG in my profile settings (/wp-admin/profile.php) the admin interface gets Bulgarian. When I switch to RU – the interface gets English.

    So I assume that there is some real bug namely in russian language processing at I just doesn’t fetch the translated strings at all. I hardly believe that I have screwed it up somewhere in my settings.
    Please check the random russian blog, for examle – no russian again.



    OK, I give up. Contact support through the tab in your dashboard.



    almays, it is as Wank describes.



    foolswisdom, I still don’t understand, why the SAME theme on BG shows translated strings and does NOT show them in RU.

    Why do all russian blogs with any theme (even Kubric) not show translations and all bulgarian ones do show?

    The theme choice does not make the big difference. Of course there are some exotic themes, where the strings are hardcoded,

    But on the SAME theme (Ocadia in my case) the most common strings like
    Search, Categories, Recent Posts, Permalink, Comments, Edit
    are translated in BG and not in RU.

    Please don’t tell me about non-translated themes, because the captions of the widgets do not depend on the theme, they are translated in the widgets plugin.

    And I don’t see the support tab in the dashboard.



    You won’t see it until the Support hours of between 9am and 5pm PST.



    almays, there may be a couple of issues.

    The larger issue is how Wank described it. You gave the example of which uses the default theme and has hard coded strings.

    You gave the example of a blog using Ocadia, which actually does seem translatable

    If phrases are missing you can contribute them at



    The strings like
    Search, Categories, Recent Posts, Permalink, Comments, Edit
    ARE contributed in both languages I use. Contributed AND Approved.
    With russian language neither theme, nor plugins, nor admin interface do not show a single russian string, though there are about 50% of strings translated in

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