Proper translation plugin?

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    I have the following problem. The time has come to translate my site in two languages. In the case from Bulgarian to English and Russian. I read lots of information about plug-ins for translation, but also failed to elect. I have tried transposh, but unfortunately after the update I have no idea why the plugin does not want to translate, or more accurately translated terribly selective. For example I have 200 words, 190 of which are not translated, but only 10 are. On othe rpage the Cyrillic later were just changet with the Latin ones and so on. A previously translated pretty decent.
    So please, if anyone of you has an idea for a plugin I can use please share with me this information. I have a few conditions that plugin if possible meet.
    1. To have flags translate the site and switch between languages, but not just the post.
    2. Allows text to be edited after translation, as we all know that most plugins using google translator.
    3. Finally, if it is possible to plug a code that can be put into the source of the page to appear for example in the top menu.

    Probably I want a lot, but I think there is a developer who has in his mind to join all these features in one plugin.

    Thank you in advance for your time and attention!




    I am not quite sure why this is on as Transposh only works with self hosted sites, but anyhow, if you approach us directly using the contact form on we’ll help you with getting Transposh working.

    The problem you are mentioning is probably a javascript conflict with another plugin, but we can’t be certain

    Good luck



    Thank you for your qiuck answer. If it is a problem, i can take any kind of help you can provide me. I mean, if you suggest me to use some other plugin, so i can use it and stop trying with the Transposh.

    Thank you once again!



    Are you on or We need the URL, starting with http/




    I replied to you directly, but anyhow – I can’t really help recommending other plugins because I am not that familiar with them ;) But I am quite good at getting Transposh to work.

    Good luck

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