Proplem embeding certain google maps into wordpress post

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    I am having major problem embedding a google map below into a wordpress post. Using the embed link from Google Maps does not work.

    The link to the map is:


    Any help is very much appreciated…



    Did you follow the instructions here:


    Yes read that and strictly followed the instructions and will not work… The map appears but none of the place marks appear.



    The instructions ONLY provide a placemap. They do not allow any of the pins.



    @wetlandsurveysireland – Can you past the link you are trying to use to embed the map here between backticks (to the left of the number 1 on most keyboards) so we can look at it. The link you gave above doesn’t work.

    Is the map public or unlisted? It may make a difference. In my test blog I linked to one of my unlisted maps (visible only to those who have the direct link) and a public one and only the public one is embedded.

    @raincoaster-In my public map the pins I created are visible… why do you think they wouldn’t be?



    “Can you past…” should of course be “can you paste..”


    raincoaster – I have no problem showing maps with many features. I am having difficulty with this map – I think because it is linked directly to a kml file because i wish to place large number of features on a single page map. It is only with wordpress post where problem occurs. Can embed it fine on other websites using embed link provided by google maps.

    Link to map I am working on is:,-95.677068&sspn=56.637293,114.169922&t=m&z=6

    or shortlink:



    @wetlandsurveysireland-I was able to embed the iframe link given by Google into my test blog without problem. When you paste the iframe link, as instructed by the Support doc above, and save the post, automatically changes the iframe link into the following googlemaps shortcode.


    There is nonetheless a problem with this map, apparently due to the number of placemarkers, but that is not a problem.

    My suggestion is to take a screenshot of the map, insert the image in the post and link it to the relevant map on Googlemaps.



    FWIW-Just to reconfirm the above, I added a number of different maps to my test post, including one whose origin was in a KML file and it does indeed embed, but the map I used does not have nearly the number of placemarks as the map you are trying to embed. HTH


    @justjennifer – thanks for your help.

    I am sure that it is a wordpress issue – we have embedded the iframe successfully (with all 957 points) into other websites (both a Sandvox and a Google site).

    Any suggestion on how this may be solved..?

    I came across the following post on a google group which seems to be a similar issue but I cant figure out how to apply the fix to my problem….



    I gave you my suggestion above.

    My suggestion is to take a screenshot of the map, insert the image in the post and link it to the relevant map on Googlemaps.

    Other than that, I have no other suggestions. Perhaps someone else can make a suggstion or you can contact Support directly with this issue.

    Good luck.

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