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Pros and Cons of my page layout?

  1. thisguyknowssports

    Just got into creating my new blog. Even if you aren't a fantasy sports fan or even a sports fan, just wanted to know if it looks good so far and what I could do to spice it up.

    Please and Thank You,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Just snuck on over to your site to see what its about and I have to say I'm glad there is finally a resident fantasy expert on wordpress.

    To this point haven't really come across someone who does what you plan to do, so thats a good start.

    The layout of your page isn't bad but it could use a few more interesting widgets and imagery just to break up the words. If you can do that you'll be on your way to some sweet blogging.

    Check us out as well at "The Daily Segway" where we dedicate ourselves to being serious about satire. We are also the one place you can find a regular stream of sports-satire on wordpress today. So subscribe and keep up with us for all your laughing needs.

    Safe bloggings and good luck with fantasy.

  3. thisguyknowssports

    Awesome. Thanks. What widgets do you propose? I don't want to put any useless ones on my page but I'm not sure which are and which aren't.

  4. Well the social media ones are always good depending on if you have a facebook, twitter page..

    Personally, I think if you don't have a twitter account you should because for all the times you just want to share small tidbits of info with your followers it would be easier than posting a whole segment on it.

    And the image ones are good if you wish to add any links to other sites that widgets dont exist for.

    Have a look at our blog for any ideas and feel free to subscribe to our great content.

  5. It looks fine to me, although I will say I am not a huge fan of that particular theme. I'm not sure it lends itself to sports, but I stress that is just my opinion. The theme always gives me a sad feeling for some reason.

  6. thisguyknowssports

    Yeah I customized a picture for a header, but all of the themes that include a header picture option don't fit my idea. I guess I'll keep trying stuff until something works out. I want more of a "guy's guy" feel rather than something looking "intellectual."

    and as for the widgets, I don't understand the use or purpose of the "image" ones.

  7. i to do not like that theme, also categorie's and tag's should have a limit of 9 - 10, as timethief say's more is not better.

  8. You could look at my theme or the Headline theme - but they are premium themes - but a couple of guys use my theme for sport and a gamer site I think the other one is and it looks good with sports.

    If you pop over to the Premium Theme forum you will find the guys using it already.

  9. thisguyknowssports

    Tadah! Spent a little bit of time on it, liking the way it turned out. tell me what you think!

  10. looing better already, take care of the tags etc

  11. looking

  12. Definitely better from what I previously saw.

  13. Much better!

  14. thisguyknowssports

    Thank You!

    New Question: If I'm also going to make a Facebook page for my blog/ebook, should I share the exact same stuff I am posting in my blog, or have different ideas or what? Not sure. Thanks


  15. Great job looks really great now. Definite subscribe from me.

    Facebook page should just be a way of connecting with people who you aren't connected to elsewhere. So the info you would chose to post would be shorter updates, like on twitter, but also links back to your blog for fuller articles. Thats what I would think anyway.

    Keep up the good work and remember to keep up with us too.

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