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Protect Blog Content

  1. I'm looking for options to protect my blog content from unauthorized use/copying. I found information on disabling the right-click function on blogs. Is this option also available for blogs. If so, how is done? I also would appreciate any other suggestions.

  2. There is no such option for blogs because those things don't work at all.

    The only effective way to stop your content from being copied is not to publish it. Use a private blog, or don't put it online at all.

    I know that's not the answer you want, but it's the most accurate one you'll get.

  3. Thanks for the information.

  4. You can subscribe to Copyscape, they do a decent job of keeping track of your content.

  5. Thanks. I will follow-up on Copyscape.

  6. Please be aware that does have a reblog feature >
    See also >

  7. Thanks. I will check out the reblog feature.

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