protect our article from illegal copying

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    How to protect our article from illegal copying?

    The blog I need help with is


    This might sound like I’m being snarky, but if you do not want it copied, don’t put it on the web. Bury it in a concrete bunker in your back yard and surround it with pit bulls, land mines and barbed wire. Visit it once every ten years at a new moon and blow the dust off it and read it and then lock it back up.

    If you put it on the web, it will be copied. It is only a matter of time. The copyright owner has to continuously scan the web looking for copies of their material and then file DMCA violation notices with the web hosts and get the stuff taken down. I’ve at times filed ten in a month’s time.



    It certainly wasn’t snarky at all TSP.



    This might be totally irrelevant to you, but many people who post on blogs where they don’t get revenue think they want to stop copying but actually want attribution. That is they want their blogs to be widely read, and want people to know where it came from, but when it comes down to it they don’t mind where it is read from.

    If you fall into that case then you might want to actually release your content under the creative commons attribution license. The creative commons has a license chooser that can select what you would like people to be able to do with your content.

    I have found that since using this people have used some of my content and linked back to me, which has actually increased traffic


    hahaaa.. thanks guys! I mean the kind of html code or whatever the name is that support for that. And wheter wordpress allows for that?



    Are you looking for something like a copyscape code to post on your blog to warn people not to copy your work?
    Something like that? Or am I totally off base here?



    Please see these options for posting copyright notices or licenses on your blog.
    Please see this entry for protecting images you post online.

    Also note that not matter how many notices you post they will only deter some and not all from stealing content and images.

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