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  1. Why is each blog title precded by the word Protected? Pamela Kay

  2. Can we have a link to your blog please?

  3. clubpenguincheats14

    whats youre name cornell

  4. cornell's name is not relevant and it's inappropriate to post personal names to forums. Please do not waste volunteer time and energy on idle chat. If you want help post a link to your blog :)

    This is me cornell. can you please help me? pamela kay

  6. You've made your posts password protected.

    I made a screen shot to show you, just let me upload it somewhere.


    Doh... or you could have logged out and saw it too.

    (it's early here...)

  8. Well can you tell me how to change this? and thank you for responding. Pamela Kay

  9. thistimethisspace

    Manage -> Posts
    find the post and click "Edit"
    when it opens look for the row of blue buttons on the far right hand side of the page (beyond the editor box)
    locate the one called "Post Status +" click the plus sign + and open it
    change the status from Private to Published
    Pending Review
    and now click "Save" in the editor box

  10. Thank you so much. It is not easy being the new kid in town. Pamela Kay:)

  11. /nod to TTTS

    Thanks for getting that. I had to get ready for work.

    (the upside is that I saw how easy it is to take a screen shot in Fedora)

    You'll get the hang of it Pamela Kay. Thanks for the link to your blog. That made the job 1000% easier :)

    Happy Blogging! (as TT likes to say)

  12. thistimethisspace

    You're welcome pamelakay. I clearly remember being brand new to blogging myself just 1 1/2 years ago. Here's a Beginner's Guide resource that you may find to be useful

    for katm BIG :)

  13. Thank you both, I was so discouraged. Now I am thinking that maybe I can do this. If nothing else it gives me great pleasure to have another outlet for my thoughts. helium being the first. Pamela Kay:)

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