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    Hi. Why is it that after I log in to a protected entry, I can still see the entry when I open a new browser? Isn’t it supposed to be protected all the time and each time anyone wants to see, they will have to log in?



    What do you mean by “open a new browser”? Like you put the password in Netscape and then it opens in IE?



    I tried viewing my protected entries, not from my account. And after I key in the password, I am able to read the entry, yes? But the next time when I view my site again, the protected entry is displayed without the need to key in passwords. Why is that so? Since I this is not my personal desktop and others have access to this desktop, I’m wondering if there’s a way where people will need to key in password each time they want to read?



    The only way that you force having them type in the password to see the posts, you have to clear the cache and cookies on the computer each time you leave the computer. I don’t think there is another way with this type of password protection on your blog.


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