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    Is there anyway to edit the password protected message for a certain page? Like where it says, “This post is password protected…”? Like, for instance, I have a pictures page with a password only my friends would know so only my friends can get in and see pictures of us, but they can’t know the password unless I tell them exactly what it is. I have a good hint, but I dont know how I could show them the hint when they try to enter the page. Is this possible to specify for a certain page?



    Maybe think about doing it in a slightly different way? You could create a “hidden” page – create a new page where the pagename is the hint (e.g. Is there a way to stop a page from appearing in your list of pages? If so, you could then just give this page name to your friends, nobody else would see it because they don’t know the link.

    Not ideal but maybe a starting point…

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