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Protected Posts and Search Widget.

  1. Hi eveyone!

    I'm currently working on a blog where I want to have password protected posts. I also want my viewers to be able to Search for the posts by using the Search widget. After some testing, I currently know that logged in users to a wordpress account are able to search for my protected posts BUT the protected posts don't come up from a search done by someone who is not logged in.

    How can I came my protected posts appear to viewers that are not logged in when they use Search?

    Thanks a lot and looking forward to your responses!

    Marc K.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please don’t make duplicated threads you can find the threads you’ve
    made or replied to by clicking on your user name.

    P.s. I went a head and deleted your other thread.

  3. Wow I find it to be the same for me I can see your protected post asking for a password when I use the search widget and use the search term "Protected" but when I signed out it was a different story I only saw the "unprotected" post.

    I recommend contacting staff so they can either look further into the matter if it's an glitch or if it isn't they will be able to answer your question with an accurate answer. here is the link

  4. Thanks t3ck.

    I sent them a message last night and I'm justt waiting for their reply now. When I get an answer, I'll share it with you!

    Thanks again, and if anybody else had a similar problem before, I would love to hear how you resolve it (or why it is implemented like that).

    Have a good day!

    Marc K.

  5. Your welcome!!! blurbadmin, = )

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