Protected Posts Making Layout Look Weird

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    Hi there!

    I’m a new WP member/user and I’m using the Dusk theme by Beccary for my layout.

    Recently, I’ve made password-protected posts and for some odd reason, the posts make my layout go weird, shifting my sidebar to replace the main block/page.

    An example of this is here:

    I’ve searched through the forums and didn’t find anything related to password protected posts making layouts go weird, so I decided to post a thread asking for help.

    I do know that in previous help threads, it has been suggested to double check the entry/post to make sure tags aren’t broken or something and I ran both of my entries through a text editor and checked for broken tags and whatnot.


    There aren’t any errors that I can see, though I have another password-protected entries in my ‘fanfiction’ category and even password-protected, it shows up fine.

    It seems the problem is isolated in that it only causes my layout to go weird if ONLY PW protected entries are on the page.

    I use Firefox, but I opened my blog in IE and it shows the same problem with the sidebar shifting over to nest under my protected entries.

    ALSO, if I input the password, the full entry shows up without any problems whatsoever and my sidebar is where it should be.

    So… what gives? Is this a random PW protected quirk? A layout quirk? Something I did wrong?

    Any and all help would be greatly appreciated being that I really like the layout!

    Thanks in advance!

    ~ EB



    Definitely weird (I checked it out). My guess is this should be booted up to admin through feedback. Our usual moderator (drmike) isn’t here today and won’t be until tomorrow.



    Gotcha. Thanks so much! I’ll update this thread if I learn anything new meanwhile.



    This looks like the theme bug we touched on in another thread (the posts at the bottom).

    I’ll go ahead and send in a feedback for you.



    Looks okay to me. Might have been fixed when I fixed the problem in the other thread.



    Agreed, looks better now than it did.

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